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Brad's Gab--->How do I lose weight? Great questions: Dieting is hard! It takes dedication and TIME! There is no healthy way to lose 20 lbs. in a week. If you want to lose weight, and keep it off, you have to dedicate yourself to lifestyle changes and don't cheat. I find the best way to lose weight, for me, is to really monitor my calorie intake. This is not as easy as you might think. It takes time to log everything you eat and use that information appropriately.

I use an app called myfitnesspal ( It is a free app, and anyone trying to lose weight MUST have this app and use it. It is rather easy to figure out the way it works, but remember, you have to put everything that goes in your mouth into the log...don't cheat. You can set up a plan to lose up to 2 lbs. a week based on your gender, age and weight.

Two pounds a week doesn't sound like much? Trust me, 2 lbs a week is aggressive if you do it right. No one gains the weight overnight, and neither do we lose it that fast. Slow and steady wins the race. There WILL be weeks when the scale does not move, but keep doing it. Over a month, track your weight with myfitnesspal ( and see the trend in the graph. It will work. Using it well means that you have to not only track what you eat, but change what you eat. When you begin to use it, you will naturally begin to identify those foods that have way too many calories and exclude them from your diet. When you put yourself on a budget for calories, you will eat for you NEXT meal and save calories for the big dinner date you have later that night. If I know I will go over my budget, I will add exercise to my daily routine to burn a couple of hundred extra calories (you can log those too and minus calories from your daily total) so I can enjoy a treat!

Remember, weight loss does not have to be a chore. It is a decision. Get empowered, get excited, get started!Remember, I started this page for YOU. So please, if you have any questions, post them. Have a great day, and thanks for reading “Brad’s Gab.” Look for future Gabs to come…up next, “Heartburn Remedies.”

Houston physician doctor surgeon performs gastric bypass sleeve gastrectomy heartburn and reflux surgeries robotic
Houston physician doctor surgeon performs gastric bypass sleeve gastrectomy heartburn and reflux surgeries robotic
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