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Can I drink a Coke afer a Sleeve Gastrectomy?

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My Houston, Texas surgeon and doctor told me that I can’t drink a coke after sleeve gastrectomy surgery?

Whether you have a sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass, other stomach stapling operations, or even a gastric band operation, drinking carbonated beverages can cause discomfort. The most important reason not to drink these beverages is because they contain many empty calories. That is, drinking liquid calories, as a general rule, is taboo after weight loss, bariatric, surgery. Weight loss doctors and bariatric surgeons agree that patients who are trying to lose the weight should put away the sodas, energy drinks, and sports drinks. Water, tea, and decaf coffee are preferable.

Then I get asked about diet sodas. Yes, technically, you can indulge in a diet soda; however, my recommendation is to let it go flat first. Drinking a carbonated beverage can cause pain in a small pouch or if it causes distension of the intestines. People will tell me, before they have surgery, how their friend who had this or that operation can drink anything she wants. True, some people may be able to eat and drink whatever they want after surgery, but this is not true for all. So I just caution my patients to go really slow whenever they try something new.

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Houston physician doctor surgeon performs gastric bypass sleeve gastrectomy heartburn and reflux surgeries robotic
Houston physician doctor surgeon performs gastric bypass sleeve gastrectomy heartburn and reflux surgeries robotic
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